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Remedial Bodywork

The Remedial Bodywork advanced massage session is like a full body MOT.

It works on the idea that biomechanical imbalances place abnormal stress on muscles and ligaments, so by addressing these imbalances, the body can re-emerge from pain. It is a wonderfully unique fusion of massage, myofascial release, gentle realignment and trigger point therapy designed to get you back in one piece, and works very well for chronic and acute pain, injuries, weakness, nerve damage, as well as general 'wear and tear' and feeling 'off'. 

Remedial massage realignment back pain

Generally, each session includes:

  • a full check over with key myofascial work

  • a deep tissue massage using natural oils, isolating problem areas and working the tissues to release blockages and tension

  • joint and nerve mobilisation

  • gentle spinal realignment

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