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The Myofascial Release treatments focus on rebalancing the lines of the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps through and around all structures and tissues in the body, like a 3D web. While therapists have been intuitively working the fascia for a long time, a complete picture of its mechanisms and its role in the experience of pain is still being uncovered by science, and it is a very exciting area. 

The approach is a mixture of different techniques:

  • The 'direct', as found in Rolfing and Structural Integration - this is quite a firm and strong touch.

  • The 'indirect', as found in the work of J.Barnes - this is a subtle, slow and gentle touch.

Myofascial release is used in the Remedial Bodywork sessions wherever needed.

The Single session of myofascial release zones in on a chosen problem area. It is very effective for scar tissue, old injuries, general tightness and restriction or postural imbalances.

Myofascial release rebalance
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