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My story

In my 20s, I spent 7 years as an apprentice under bodywork pioneer Dorothy Rugg-Easey. This was my first touch with the the world of the body, and as a hands on therapist I got to experience all manner of ailments through the eyes of an expert with 50 years under her belt. Every day was a masterclass. Over the 7 years I learnt the treatment she had developed - a unique style of gentle realignment and nerve work which, fused with remedial massage and nutritional therapy, resulted in a 'full body MOT' which repeatedly amazed me with its results.

I left with her blessing in 2018, took a break to start a family, and in 2019 returned to training, this time with the Jing School of Advanced Massage. Here I was blessed with fresh tutelage from the school's founders and inspirational therapists, Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather. 

In 2020 I set up with my newly refreshed skills, and launched Bodysense Integrated Therapies.

Education and Certifications

Jing School of Advanced Massage Training 2020

Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release

Jing School of Advanced Massage Training 2019

Level 3 Diploma in Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage

Rugg-Easey International Clinic of Natural Therapy 2011-2018

Certificate in Biomechanology and Advanced Remedial Massage

Natural essential oil massage
East and west philosophy therapy

My Philosophy

I believe in the wholeness of the body, the interconnectedness of all parts, and the natural tendency of the tissues to heal themselves, if the environment is right: balance, flow and nourishment. 

Over time, Western medical advancement has evolved into a view of the body as split into parts, mechanical systems that operate almost independently of each other. We have a separate department for your ears, your skin, your blood, your nerves, yet we all know well enough that 'the hip bone's connected to the... thigh bone'! If only we could remember this sooner when we encounter pain, because sadly mainstream responses to chronic pain often look too closely at the symptom, and miss the cause. 

I take a great interest in the full spectrum of healing practices, East and West, traditional and modern, mainstream and 'alternative'. I believe first in nutritional nourishment over pharmaceuticals, and physical therapy over surgical intervention. In my ideal world, the first port of call for health would always be natural, hands on, holistic.

Rebalance, replenish, rehabilitate!

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