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Release, Rebalance, Restore

"Massage, myofascial release and realignment for holistic pain management"

Jamie Dams Bodysense

Meet Jamie

Jamie is an advanced myofascial and remedial bodywork practitioner integrating massage, mobilisation, myofascial release and gentle realignment techniques to rebalance the body and address acute and chronic pain. Drawing from principles of unity, balance and flow and with a keen interest in nutritional therapy, Jamie practices at The Northgate Clinic in historic Canterbury, Kent.


"Freeing the tissues and joints of the body to promote flow and ease"

What can I help you with?

Whiplash & migraines

Neck & shoulder pain


Lower, middle & upper back pain

Numbness & nerve damage

Scar tissue

Tendonitis & carpal tunnel

Plantar fascitis

Knee & joint pain

Something else?

What Patients Say

“I couldn't walk properly for 6 months with my sciatica until I came to Jamie. I've been pain free ever since”

Ollie Kotchin


"Energy flows where attention goes"

Your body has the power to heal itself
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